I'm Eli. I make websites.


In fact, I'd like to build you a website too.

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Responsive Web Design


Search Engine Optimized

SEO Friendly

Custom Designed Sites

Custom Design



End-user Modifications

CMS Access

Wide Browser Compatability and Support


Highly Reliable Hardware

Reliable Hosting

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With over half of all internet traffic taking place on mobile devices, it's more important than ever to make sure your site captures those mobile users. Websites produced by seriously.sexy are designed and tested to function well from the smallest smartphones to the largest televisions and displays.

Syntactically correct code, responsive design, and the whole array of Google's recommended practices help make sure your site ranks as highly as possible in modern search engines.

We don't believe in templated website. Each seriously.sexy website is built from scratch and designed to your liking, with no limit to available tweaks and changes.

Our websites are just a small fraction of the typical cost for a custom website. There is no unnecessary cost inflation, no hidden fees, no complicated contracts, and no surprises.

Want the freedom to make your own updates once the site is finished? Integration with a powerful content management system will allow you to make your own changes, if desired. It's incredibly user-friendy and even works from your phone or tablet.

We work hard to make sure your sites are consistent and functional across all modern web browsers including, of course, those found on mobile devices.

Nearly all of our services are powered by world-class AWS hardware and systems. That translates directly into a reliable website almost entirely free of downtime.

seriously.sexy always exercises transparent and truthful business practices. We're not interested in tricking you into choosing us to facilitate your web presence. All of our communication will be clear and honest.

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If you're not convinced yet, check out these examples.

I also do amateur portrait, product, and event photography.

Annabelle Portrait


50mm f/2 1/60 ISO1600, edited in Lightroom
Jehsea Wells Singing in B&W

Jehsea Wells with Cosmic American

50mm f/2 1/60 ISO800, edited in Lightroom
Razorback New Year's Hog

New Year's Razorback - Fayetteville, AR

55mm f/5.6 1/60 ISO3200, unedited
Jehsea Wells Smoking

Jehsea Wells with Cosmic American

50mm f/2 1/60 ISO800, edited in Lightroom

Let's get to know each other!

I'm 22 and living in Fayetteville, AR where I hope to establish myself as the go-to for websites and hosting for local businesses. I've been tinkering with computers since 1999 and have worked with them professionally for about five years. Over that time I've been employed in PC/laptop/tablet/cell phone troubleshooting and repair, tech support, assistant system administration, developer-designer translation, web design, and even a little management. I love the intricacy and sort of delicate challenge that web design and development provides and I'm going to continue to push myself and expand my skills indefinitely. When I'm not working, I most enjoy riding motorcycles and rock climbing (but usually not at the same time). I have a budding interest in US travel and photography and I'd like to use the freedom of working online to visit my family and friends around the States and keep my camera handy.

No funny business. Just competitive and flexible pricing.

Site Design + Development

Development fees are $150/page

Design fee depends on desired complexity of site

Absolutely willing to work with a provided design


Hosting is $25/mo.

CMS Access is an additional $15/mo.

Hosting + CMS access aren't mandatory if you have your own hosting options

Site Maintenance & Updates

Billed at set hourly rate

No maintenance or update charges until after the site is finalized

Not required if you have your own solution


So let's get the ball rolling.

If you'd like to set up a meeting or phone call to discuss a website, please email me here. If you have any comments or would like more information, just email me at the same exact email address. I'd like to give a big thank you and shoutout to these fine guys and gals for making this website possible. Copyright © 2016 Elijah Greene and seriously.sexy web design